Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Interrail 2005 : Bremen

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The sun is still down that we are already waiting in the train's corridor our stop in Hamm. In fact we will see later that we took a big turn as we nearly needed to go back to go to Bremen.
We least we didn't arrive in the middle of the night !!!!

As usual, we had breakfast and left our bags at the train station then start to visit the city.
One of the famous thing in Bremen is the Bremer Stadtmusikanten statue, from a tale by the Grimm brothers. After looking for Andersen's Lille Havfrue in København we really can't miss that !!

So we find it on
Marktplatz as well as a statue of Bremer Roland, so good for giving an historical lecture to Sébastien about Roland's tragic and courageous end.
An other particularity of Bremen is that severals streets are so narrow that you can't cross other people, that a bit funny.
We continued our trip along the Weser, in the city center and a park where we finally fall asleep on the grass until it becomes to rain.

Then we eat for dinner a delicious slice o
f 1 euro pizza and took our train to Frankfurt.
Frankfurt is close to Strasbourg so that will be easy to go back to France.
But are you kidding me !!! Nothing is never that simple !!!

See you in Frankfurt.

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