Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Read Japanese : Method and problems so far

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So far I have learn 203 Kanji. That's a bit less than I expected to learn during the first week.
So first I will explain why, then I will describe the new method I'm using. I think it's much more efficient.

Problems :

The main problem was to build my flash cart in the SRS Mnemosyne especially because it was the first time I was writing in Japanese on my computer.
So I had a lot of troubles and writing a single cart took me ages.
Hopefully I discover Anky. When I download it, it already had a set with the character in Heisig order The second problem was to remember the stroke order, because I was just reading the book and reviewing with the SRS.

The method :

First I read 1 chapter or so in Heisig
Then I review them with Anky.
Then I write them 5 or 10 times leaving space to be able to copy them more if I forgot.
And that's it. They enter my head that easily.

Before I start I was thinking it was possible and probably not as difficult as people where saying.
Of course I learned a bit of character with the school method, that was OK, but not enough to them to stay in my brain for a long time if I don't review them constantly.
Now with this method it really seems that I can learn them all, for severals reasons :
- It's funny
- Each time I forgot a character Anki is gonna remind it to me.
- I see the character using three different methods just in the learning process.

So even if I waste a bit of time in the beginning, I'm sure I can make it.

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