Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Physics : My second poster

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This is my second poster. I presented it last September in London for the paqconf conference. The conference was presenting three different topic, laser physics, quantum optics and quantum information.
My poster was about inner-shell processes in Ne+.
We compare the different spectrums obtain when we describe the Ne2+ target states differently, either with 3, 4 or 5 target states.
In the first case, only a 2p electron can be emitted from Ne+, in the others we can have emission of 2p or 2s electron.
The emission of the 2s electron is an inner-shell process and it is shown to be the dominant process.
The spectrums obtained are very different, the possibility of emitting a 2s electron increase a lot the ionisation rates. The agreement with experiment is also better when the target state is described more in details.
At the end of the conference we had a dinner on a boat side seeing London.

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