Sunday, April 13, 2008

Interrail 2005 : München

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To go to München we needed to change train in Salzburg, city that we will visite later, at 5.15 am. That time we didn't sleep very well either, but we decided to stop in a camping in München.
München was our first city in Germany, we began by eating breakfast and looking for a camping. Sebastien discovered his first Brëtzle, that's not gonna be his last.
Instead of waiting in front of the tourist office someone told us that we could find a camping in 15 min tram. Before visiting the city we decided to have a shower and to go to sleep a little.
We headed then to the city center under a beautiful sunshine, we spend our time walking and observing the city's buildings, and places like Mariannenplatz, Marienplatz, and castles. Then we visited a park and decided to stop by a Biergarden at the foot of the Chinese tower.
We then decided to go to the olympic village and stadium, but when we went out of the tram, a huge rain and enormous wind surprised us, we then run to the camping affrayed that our tent will fight away. The tent is finally OK but wet. The dinner is small as we didn't take time to buy food, tomato sandwich. The night isn't very calm as we are affrayed of the wind and the rain tend to wet the sleeping bags too. Next destination Salzburg

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