Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amigurumi : New members in the Amineko family

En français
Bleuet was feeling a bit lonely, that true that now I have a lot of amigurumi but ... anyway, I decided to make him a girlfriend. Now he look much happier.
Her name is Rosie, she is pink, white and purple. I enjoyed playing with the colors. Rosie is the French for Pinky, so that was a very easy name to find.
The big white and red cat, is for Nathan, Sebastien's little brother. He named him Zorbas. No idea where he found that name. That's sound a bit Greek. He will go to live in France as soon I go back there for holiday. I don't now yet when that will be.
At the moment, he is enjoying himself with Bleuet and Rosie.

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