Sunday, February 16, 2020

WeWriWar 318: The House at the Crossing 23

Hello everybody and welcome for a new Sunday of writing with Weekend Writing Warrior and Snippet Sunday!

I decided to change things a little bit so for the next few months, I'm going to present you my new WIP. It's called "The House at the Crossing" and it's a prequel to Demon Soul and the demon series. It's a bit of a mix of Fantasy and Science-fiction.
It follows one of the books more obscure character as she first come into the House. It's suppose to explain why there are so many people is the house and sort of where they come from and at the same time be a first time adventure for the main character as she needs to adapt to her new role and the new version of who she is. 

Since it's a WIP, and I still haven't finished the first draft, it's still really row. Hopefully, we'll see some improvement as it goes.

Let's start right at where we left off last week!

We look at each other, we are identical, just the same, not like the other versions of me who are sort of me but with a twist. We bring our fingers next to each other and I can feel the tingling of electricity between us. It doesn't snap like it did with the other version of me earlier.
We are mirroring each other and I suddenly have a thought that isn't mine, but is still mine at the same time, because it's hers and she is me and then she slides towards me and we are one again. And she wanted more vanilla than lavender in her tea, that's what she hoped for but I wanted the opposite but now, I somehow want the same amount of both and I'm just me.
I look at the other wondering how different their thoughts are. What do they want? What are their memories like.

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  1. Good questions she's asking, approaching this as a researcher. Maybe she'll be able to figure out what's going on. :-)

  2. That could get very unsettling, absorbing the other versions of herself and what they wanted or didn't want. I'm really enjoying all the twists and turns you're incorporating here, SO creative. Great snippet!

  3. Gives me stunning visuals of what she must be going through. Great job!

  4. They even know each other's thoughts. Love this!