Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tuesday Travel 36: Witch Raising: The Book of Fire

Welcome to Tuesday Travel. Every Tuesday, I will be presenting an excerpt of Witch Raising: The Book of Fire, the book in which Brownie, the heroine of Demon Soul, is undertaking an initiatory journey. 

Image by kalhh from Pixabay
About Witch Raising: The Book of Fire
Witch Raising is a new series with Brownie, the heroine of Demon Soul as the main character. This series is part of the House at the Crossing Series and follows Demon Soul and Demon and Fairy but instead of being centered on the adventure of Sahel and his demon friends, it follows Brownie as she goes from being a normal girl to a bad ass witch. She has been practicing magick for a while now, saving people from difficult situations but the people at the house, including Sahel aren't happy with her new calling. Feeling that she doesn't have a choice and has to keep learning witchcraft, Brownie leaves to meet other witches.

The excerpt, we start where we left off last week 

She went to her desk without answering and slipped her passport in her bag's front pocket, then though about it a bit more and put in on an inside pocket. She took a few bills from her purse and put then in her jeans' pocket before placing the purse with her passport and that was that.
“I guess I'm all set,” Brownie said.
“At least tell someone, tell Viorel, tell Dylan even,” Grenadine said.
“There is someone in this house who can do location spells,” Brownie said as a reassurance. “I'll be fine.”
She knew that where she was going it was unlikely that a location spell would reach her.
“I still don't like it,” Grenadine said.
“You don't have to like it, you don't have to accept it but I still have to go,” Brownie said.
Grenadine gave her a hug and Brownie placed the bag on her shoulders. She stopped on her door step and turned around to have a last look at her room. She didn't forget anything, she had the feeling that she had, she grabbed her aquamarine stone, it was around her neck and so was Viorel's pendent, she hadn't forget anything at all, it was all going to be fine.
“Are you sure you need to do this now?” Grenadine asked again.
The incessant questioning was starting to make Brownie almost regret her decision but she had to go.
“I'm going, now,” she closed the door and almost ran down the stairs, Grenadine had trouble to follow.
The vampires were waiting in the entrance.
“You're ready?” Viorel asked.
“All packed.” Brownie answered.
He ended her a bag of food.
“I thought you'd better start with home made food, that'll save you some money at least.”
That's what she had forgotten, she was still a bit hungry and she had still almost ran out without food.
“Thanks, I've got to go,” Brownie said.
The door opened and Sahel entered the room. Brownie took a step back not to stay in his way, he couldn't see her. He went straight at Dylan.
“Where is she? Where is she?”
Grenadine opened her mouth as if she was about to say something but didn't really register the situation and her jaw just hanged open. Viorel made a discreet sign of the head toward the door and Brownie slide herself out through the half open door. She just let it open and walked out. She didn't even run to make sure nobody could hear her or that nobody who could see her would thing she was doing something suspicious. She didn't look back. Now there was only her and the road.

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