Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wednesday Snippet 208: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“I'm going to see Kallisto, you want to join?” Seti asked.
“Why the hell would I like to come with you when you are dating your girlfriend?” Azazel answered.
“Yeah, that's kind of gross,” Evalynn continued.
“I meant I'm going to Sahel's place, let's go,” Seti said with a dreamy smile.
“We have things to do here, this place is still a mess but I can understand that Watchers don't mind living this way,” Azazel answered helping a kid carrying a desk way to large for him out of one of the classroom, “And Sahel is with the teacher, they are having a trance session today.”
“When will I get one of those?” Seti asked.
“You can't,” Azazel answered. “The trance is attached to your body, the history of your cells, if you use it you might call the Chaos back or something like that.”
“But the Chaos is long gone now, it's totally out of me, I'm in control,” Seti said putting his hand behind his back. Everybody around was busy with the reconstruction of the sanctuary. Seti wondered why they didn't use an earthquake to collapse the entire cave during the attack. People were really never thinking too deeply about efficiency, or maybe, just maybe, they wanted something else, something in the sanctuary that they didn't find yet.
“The Chaos is gone from your conscious mind, maybe but I don't think it's gone from your cells history cause that can't be changed,” Azazel said.
“You mean, I could revive it as a memory and he could take control of my mind and disintegrate everything around, again?” Seti asked with a shiver.
“Yeah, wanna risk it?” Azazel answered.

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