Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Wednesday Snippet 203: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“I'm not taking order from anyone, let alone a kid like you, how old are you, 8?”
“I'm ten and you can't say I didn't warn you,” Lonan said.
“Warn me about whaaaat...” Kamaril started but he didn't have time to finish.
Like blades of electricity, Lonan's fingertips touched his gloves unlocking them but the intensity was such that Kamaril was pro-pulsed in the magical barrier guarding them and and then back flying through the cell.
Lonan was laughing holding his belly, Kamaril's gloves had fallen on the floor and he kneeled and rolled out of laugh next to them.
It only took few seconds for Kamaril to recover. He jumped on his feet and grabbed Lonan by the collar of his shirt pushing him up a good meter about the floor which had the result of making him stop laughing completely.
“Hey, let me down!” He exclaimed with indignation trying to kick Kamaril but Kamaril held both his feet away from him while Lonan kept on moving like a little earth worm just plucked out of the ground.
“Why the hell did you do that?” Kamaril said.
“Because you asked, I told you to sit down but you thought you knew better, it's your own fault if you got transformed into a flying ball, you should try to enter a circus, you're damn good at it,” Lonan said.

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