Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 183: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new part of Blue Angel unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

The old woman looked at him and at Torsti in turn before going back to the television set and pointed at a board on the other side of the counter where keys were hanged up.
“Put your money in the blue box over there and don't try to open it and screw with me, you'd be surprise. Get your key anyone on the second row will do, the stairs are on the right,” she said.
Torsti looked at Odeon raising a questioning eyebrow, his brother pushed him on the right side toward the stairs before putting a bill in the blue box and picking a key.
“She didn't ask any questions,” Torsti said climbing the stairs, “she didn't even tell us the price of the room.”
“She knows better,” Odeon answered. They could hear someone snoring from the corridor leading to their room.
“I never told you that but I don't like this city, it's the most broken place I ever saw,” Torsti said. Odeon didn't answer, he walked to the window and tried to adjust the curtains to avoid being seen from outside. There as nobody in the street but he knew that wouldn't last. The hunters were still out there somewhere and probably already searching for the god who escaped.
“I'll take a shower first,” Torsti said. “Damn, there is no towels.”
“You're a demon, you don't need one,” Odeon answered. He suddenly felt bad for feeling like playing and laughing with Torsti when Lonan was gone.
“I could still use some luxury,” Torsti answered.
The water was getting out of the shower in irregular wave of water and Odeon could hear Torsti grumbling unhappily. This was the worse place possible and still the safer one. He sat near the window looking outside hiding behind the curtains. He was sleepy but he had slept enough. Now it was time for action.

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