Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday Snippet 156: Blue Angel

Welcome to a new novel in preparation. This week we are starting up with BLUE ANGEL which is the next book after DEMON WORLD. I will be sharing unedited snippet on Wednesday from now on.
You can find the last snippet of Demon World here.

The palace was cold. It had always been white and cold and Isakael hated it. Not that he ever really liked anything about this place. The Angel World. The humans back at home called it heaven, they imagined a large garden filled with flowers and butterflies where they could live happy ever after when death had come for them. And it was true, there was a garden somewhere out there and some people might even be happy. But that wasn't the case for Isakael. He was one of those who had decided to live away from here and he felt like he could never be far away enough. He always had to come back, to do what was expected from him. He shook his head trying to push the thought away and forced a smile on his lips has others people passed by. They whispered, people always needed to whisper, to talk about others, they always had something to say and Isakael hated the whisper. There was nothing he liked about his life and there was nothing he liked about being an angel or being here.
“So you finally decided to come back for good this time,” said a playful voice in his back.
“I'll be gone after the conceal,” Isakael answered coldly.
He couldn't trust the angels. They were the worse. Of course just like them, he was expected to be nice to protect and cure people but that was only on the surface. They were nothing but nice, they were just pretending well enough. He had never seen them act differently, they always obeyed the rules, he always obeyed the rules and it was the reason why he was here again.
“Is that so?” the other answered passing next to him. He had accelerated to catch up as Isakael wasn't going to stop. His steps were resonating on the white marble floor. That damn floor which never even get dusty seemed so surreal.
Isakael didn't answer. He wanted to be in his room as soon as possible. The further away he stayed from the others, the better.

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