Saturday, February 17, 2018

Azone Doll Review: Lien Usonaki, Excute 12th series, Kinoko Juice Collab.

Today, I have with me, Usonaki Lien.
Usonaki actually means fake crying so that's why she always look like she is crying on the promo pictures and on the box.
She is a collaborationbetween Azone and Kinoko Juice for the excute 12th seris.
She is the second Lien in this series. The others all are from a continued line, like for example, Snotty Cat Koron 4th, or Fanny Fanny Himeno 3rd, but this one is the first Usonaki, would they make more? I don't know yet.
This Lien is pretty special because she is the only doll in this series so far to have a fantasy hair color and a grey outfit. All the others hare wearing something more casual. I'm not really sure of the concept she is working with but I really liked the setting in her promo picture, it's a shame that they don't give prop or allow us to buy them. I actually asked on twitter where the props were coming from but I didn't get any answer.
She has a very particular face up and her hair has a fantastic color, I really like her look overall.

Here is the video

And here are some pictures

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