Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 130

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

The priest started to laugh and continued his walk toward the altar placing himself between Sahel and the representation of the Christ on the cross, as his he wanted to intercept the message between them. Sahel closed his eyes more tightly, it seemed difficult for him not to open them and watch but he was fighting against it.

“Go back to your quarters, I need to prepare for the mess” the other said annoyed.
Sahel stood up and turned around without looking at him and walked out. The air was cold and misty as he walked out of the church but it was still warmer than the air in the church. The house of God was cold from the stones all around, as hard as the heart of that damned priest. Sahel walked along the prisons before regaining his quarters, he was sharing it was other young people like him, aspiring to become priest for different reasons, some to get out of the misery their family had been in, it was a wrong epoch to be poor, some because of the fame and prestige a high position in the clergy would bring to their family. The prison was filled with people waiting to be judge, either for stealing or killing, they were all monsters, criminals, they would be condemn to work for years. But the girls that was something else. They claimed they were trying to save a baby but the baby was nowhere to be seem and the crying mother was praying in the church all day long to have her daughter brought back to her. They had stolen the baby for an unknown purpose and made it disappear. It was the only time that Sahel had been doubtful about justice, he couldn’t conceive that girls so young could make a baby disappear, in general only rich family needed to fear for their children, only rich family could pay to get their stolen child back. There was something strange and Sahel was losing faith in the police and in the institution around him, unable to bring the child back to her mother so he was praying more than he ever did. Asking to comprehend the world around him but so far he hadn’t get any answer back. He had ask the girls again and again where the child was but he only had the same answer, again and again, the priest took her and it was the reason why he couldn’t look at him anymore, the more he had been looking at him, the more a feeling of revulsion was growing inside of him.

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