Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 129

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.

“You will die, shocking in your own blood”, she answered.
He pushed the chair behind her and her neck broke forming a strange angle with the rest of her body. She was looking toward the prison, and Sahel felt the heaviness of her dying eyes on him, as if it was aspiring his soul.
“What did you have to say that to him? Why didn’t you even try to protect yourself” were the last thoughts crossing his mind before opening his eyes again.

Sahel took a deep breath and looked around disoriented. There were only trees to be see, trees, kilometers of deep dark forest. The place had changed a lot but it was still the same. They had travelled a lot in their previous lives, as if to escape the repeating fate that was irremediably linking them to each other. But they had somehow come back to the same point, the Demon World equivalent of Salem. The time had changed, he had changed but the story was the same, the girl he loved was here somewhere out of reach and if he didn’t hurry to get back on his feet and get to her she was going to die again. He was getting tired of that little game of jumping in the past. He had the present to take care of. He started to fly up without even standing up and hit the branches in front of him falling again on the ground, hitting his head on a large rock. Once again he lost consciousness.

“You have been praying more since we brought the girls in, is there anything I need to know?” the priest asked coming over him. He was wearing the same dark robe as Sahel. Sahel wanted to look at him but his other self didn’t move.
“Weak creatures need someone to pray for their souls”, he answered.
“I wonder if witches even have souls”, the priest said. There was hatred in his voice and once again Sahel was curious to see his face but his other self seemed to abore him so much that even talking to him was painful.
“It will be for god to decide”, he answered.
“You don’t even believe in God”, the priest answered. “You come from a family of paien, there is nothing for you in prayer, god doesn’t answer infidels.”
“God saved my life”, Sahel’s other self simply answered and Sahel could feel the sincerity and devotion. He had been travelling again and again in lives where God had been his enemy but his time it seemed that he had genuine faith.

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