Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nendoroid Box Opening and Review: Kirito from SAO (with video)

Let's start with a little Sword Art Online Nendoroid series. Today, I am opening the box of Kirito. I have had the SAO Nendoroid for a while now but I always delayed opening them because it's easier and faster to open doll boxes. But since I finally ran out of doll boxes to open, it's time to have a look at my nendoroids again.
Goodsmile has made four nendoroid of SAO so far and then at the end of the month they will be releasing Kirito and Asuna's new version at Wonder Festival. unfortunately, I won't be able to attend so I won't be getting them directly. I just hope they'll appear at a decent price online later and not the crazy price tag they are already at at the moment.
This Kiriro is the first boy that I got. I really like SAO so it was sort of a must have for me. I like his character a lot because he is a very nice person and at the same time he dresses all in black and sort of pretend to be a bad guy.
He comes with his trade mark black coat and double sword attached on his back, with some drinks or cream, I can't really remember which and with the famous ragout rabbit. 
I think he is super cute.

Here is the video

And here are some pictures


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