Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cu poche Box Opening and Review: Alice Crimson version (with video)

Today, I'm opening my last Cu-poche doll for now. This is the limited Crimson Alice version. 
Basically, this new Alice is the same as the previous Alice, except for the dress, shoes and bow. 
This Alice is not yet out for sale world wide and I managed to get her at the last AK-garden in Asakusa. I actually went to that event especially to get this Alice. I thought that it was sort of too late for me to get the original version for a decent price so I was going to get this one instead but ended up with both of them.
I think they are super cute and they look really great together too. 
Compare to the original Cu-poche friends: Anne, Belle and Cherry, Alice comes with a lot more clothes and accessory which make her really special. Both her feet and shoes are wearing the magnet enabling her stay, bare feet or with shoes on her magnetised doll stand. 
She has a nice range of motion and has no problem to stand even boxing on her magnetic stand. 

Here is the video

And here are some pictures.


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