Friday, June 16, 2017

Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 126

Welcome to a new part of Vampire Heart unedited. Have you been bitten yet?
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Summary of the previous episodes: Viorel has been tortured by his supposed family who wanted to have him burn in the sun. Strangely enough the sun didn't burn him as expected but Viorel has no memory of who he is. Following the advises of his supposed father, he left Sighișoara and is now traveling to the West. After some skirmish in a previous city, he found refuge on a boat. Viorel is now in Vienna. The little problem is that the guy at the inn was a bit of an asshole and helped capture Viorel thinking he was a vampire, which he is but nobody needs to know. Now there is a huge man (which I call the colossi) taking care of Viorel and a priest. They brought a girl. Torture my holy water... Fail. Viorel managed to confuse everyone, now he would like to get out of here. But the girl seems pretty useless. They still managed to escape and he left the girl to the care of the boat lady before going back to have two words with his captors but his power of persuasion were failing him. The priest wanted to crack a deal but Viorel is not really up to help his enemies. He finally got some blood but he can't risk to stay in Vienna. He travel to Linz were he stays a bit to learn German.
Viorel wanted to go to Praha but redirect himself toward Augsburg instead where he wants to get a horse, except that the horses are a bit scared of his vampirism and maybe something else. Viorel is really not a horse expert. Then he comes into an altercation with couple of people, he wants some fear in his blood. The girl Viorel has found seemed to enjoy the game. Viorel prepares for the nightmares that come with a feast of blood, in a rush to leave, he cross the dukedom of Lorrain.
We introduced Sorina, three weeks after the beginning of Viorel's escape.
Viorel dreamed of Sorina and woke up not really remembering anything. Traveling to Paris, he arrives at "La cour des miracles". He is rescued by a stranger who turned out to be Nicolas Flamel, the alchemist he was looking for. Nicolas does some strange experiment without Viorel's agreement. Some people are looking for Nicolas's secrets. On the other side of Europe, Sorina awakes and Viorel's past in haunting him. Viorel discovered that he can change into a wolf but that's not the easiest thing to handle.

Now, let's continue with Vampire Heart, right where we left of last week. (This might be a bit awkward as I have been editing but I'm not finished)

Pretty much”, I said.
That’s not even”, Nicolas answered.
He still had his handkerchief in front of his mouth, it was the first time for him to see the victims of vampire and I could see his body stretching. He was scared. It was unreasonable. It was irrational, with all the people in the city and the vampire attacking only at night and unable to enter houses without being invited, there was no way he could ever be attack. The probabilities were extremely low. And his blood was polluted by the philosopher stone, I knew what it was but other vampires wouldn’t risk it, except maybe for the new born. I looked at all the body, they were all clear.
I’m absolutely certain”, I said.
Nicolas seemed to relax a bit.

This one is not one of us,” I said.
Nicolas looked up at me. He had read in the newspaper that two bodies were strangely mutilated and this one was one of them. There was no trace of vampire on it, the holes in the neck were missing. Nicolas came closer and his face turned pale at the sight. At that moment I realized that there was something different between me and the humans, I was able to contemplate dead in all its form without having my heart shaken but it was different for Nicolas. For him death meant the end and seeing a body in such a hard shape was bringing him a lot more sensation that I could have felt. Half of the face was gone as if devoured by a beast with large teeth, there were traced of the animal’s front legs imprinted deeply into the man’s chest. Nicolas overcome his nausea and started to measure them and draw them in his notebook.
This one is none of our concern,” I said coldly.
I wanted to walk to the next corps but Nicolas stopped me.
If we don’t stop the creature doing this what good is it to stop the others,” he said.
I looked at the body again and pulled the blanket away from it completely. I could see what happened. Seeing the traces of dirt in the man’s hair, he had been walking in a field, the beast had come from behind surprising him, he had turned around to the noise and probably stumbled when discovering his attacker twisting his angle which would explain the red mark on his angle, he had tried to walk back up using his hands which was explaining the scratch marks on his wrists. The beast had jump on him, both front leg pushing hard in his chest and making him fall backward. He had raise his hands to protect himself and the beast teeth had slept from his neck where it wanted to port the attack to his face. He was a strong man and the beast was about the same strength. The man had continued to fight blindly for a while but the beast was already eating his thigh. He had probably died quickly due to loss of blood. The beast had only partially eaten his belly and legs.
This was done by an animal,” I said. “The man surprised him when he was eating so it attacked because it felt frightened, there is nothing more to it.”
Nicolas looked at me. I could see that he needed to breath but the smell was too strong for him to take and delivering deep breath.
You might be right,” he said, “let’s concentrate on what we came for first.”

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  1. Another great excerpt! I am so intrigued by Viorel each time. Nicolas' reactions are so perfect.