Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 122

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.
I'm sorry I missed it last week but I should be back soon with the normal schedule, enjoy!  

He looked around himself still waiting, his back on the wall for something else unusual to happen but nothing came. He took a step back wanting to go talk about what had just happened to Odeon but refrained. He needed air more than ever. If they were right that his parents had been killed by the hunter, maybe there was a possibility that they were still here, bounded to this world by the Magick of the hunter’s dark robes.


If you had told Sahel that it was possible to wake up whether from a nap or from the night and to feel fully refreshed and ready to start the day, he would never have believed you. He opened his eyes and jumped on his feet pushing Azazel around. He knew and he didn’t like it. He had seen himself fail and fail and fail again at doing anything to save Brownie, he had seen himself being the one that she was protecting when he wanted things to be the other way around. He had seen her die for him, die to protect him, even in a position of power he had always been the weaker one of the two. He was walking around in the secret room of the library under the sleepy eyes of Azazel.
“So what’s up?” the demon said with a heavy voice. It sounded cavernous as if he hadn’t used it for too long.
Sahel didn’t answer, he was considering or more accurately he was watching his thought as they passed in front of him his conscious mind reaching for them and trying to make sense of them. There was plenty and he didn’t have time to rest no. Brownie was in danger, every single time she had been getting in danger at the exact same age, as if there was something that totally disapproved with her ever getting old or even more with them ever growing old together.
Sahel was walking in circle faster and faster, bumping into things, not looking where he was going. Azazel was looking at him passably annoyed. He was totally out of it again. He wanted to go home and sleep and let them deal with the hunters. He didn’t know the hunters they were not his problem. He yawned and closed his eyes for a fraction of second but when he opened them again Sahel was gone.
“I can’t believe this guy!” he said jumping on his feet.
“He doesn’t need you where he is going” a voice said behind him.

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