Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 119

Welcome to a new part of Demon World unedited, we start right where we left off last time.
“At least nobody else is going to die tonight”, Odeon said.
Lonan was already sleeping. Odeon was envious, he would have liked to be able to fall asleep so easily no matter what kind of danger was around. He hadn’t sleep a full night of restful sleep for as long as he could remember. Insomnia was sneaky, in was hanging on your thoughts, the darkest the better, crazy memories from part of his childhood he didn’t even remember were coming to hunt him. Useless memories, terrible memories, happy memories, they were all mixed together with the new facts and event happening in his life.
How he wasn’t sleeping, sleep and dream would have been much sweeter. His sleepless brain was reformatting his memory everyday creating like a spider web of confusion. Did this really happened or was it just a new thought just created yesterday. But he knew that somehow it was his fault. At first he had decided that he should beat sleep, that he should be awake at all time to protect his little brothers, that he needed to guard the nest while they were sleeping to make sure that nothing bad would happen during the night. But after refusing sleep for a long time, now it was sleep refusing him. He looked at Lonan fast asleep in his hammock, he could have left him in the snow, far up north in Norway when he was still a baby, it would have been so much easier for him and Torsti to survive alone without a baby crying and getting hungry and sick. Lonan had been a very sick baby. Odeon wondered if babies were always like that but probably it was due to the circumstances. When their parents die, were killed, he had no idea how to care of a baby and they had to hide. His parents had died to allow them to fly they couldn’t get caught without betraying their memory. But Lonan was such a noisy baby. Demon babies can’t cry, they have three days of never ending tears and when they stop they are supposed to be out for the run and you were supposed to be safe taking care of them even if you were a fugitive. But Lonan was somewhat special, if he needed something, being food, drink, a hug or whatever, he would yell with a largely open mouth and never stop yelling until you had figured out what he needed. Lonan had always been the noisy one, sometimes Odeon thought that it was because he was young and because he hadn’t been properly raised even though he had done his best as a parent but some other time he realized that he had never been that noisy.

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