Monday, April 24, 2017

I♥doll: Groove Workshop (Limited Pullip Veritas) with video

As you know, I went to I♥doll. Groove was having their first workshop ever and I totally had to go there and try. I missed the first but I was lucky enough to get a sit for the second one in the afternoon.
Basically we were sitting at a table and building up a pullip.

First we had to chose the face plate we liked the best so we didn't actually learn to do face up, just building and dressing up a pullip.
We also chose eyelids and eye color. The eyechips were already placed in the mechanism.
Then was the building part. I first got in trouble when my spring decide not no stay attached to the eyelid, then I had a little screw problem and actually had to change three. But I finally managed to build up my doll.

Then it was time to give her a wig, an outfit and some accessory.
Incidentally, the face up I chose was the face plate of the very limited pullip Veritas. At first I thought it might be cat woman or another tan doll, then I saw the eye lids she was supposed to have originally and one of them had Veritas written on it.
The wig and outfit of Veritas was also around but I didn't really try to rebuild the original, that might have been another kind of fun but not really the plan for the day so I picked her her own outfit and her own unique style.
I'm really happy with the way she turned out. I might come across her original outfit some other time, who knows.

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