Thursday, March 2, 2017

Figma: Yuki Miku Twinkle Snow ver., Opening and Review (with video)

Today, I have something a little bit different for you since I'm opening my first figma, figure. I got this one at Wonfes, if you haven't seen my video of Wonfes, you can find it here.
At first, I wanted to get the nendoroid version of twinkle Miku only, you can see the video here.
But while waiting to get her, I decided that I might as well get the figma version while I was at it. I guess now I'm just missing the dollfie dream, but that won't be happening.

I saw figma figures before when I got some for my husband for Christmas a few years back but I never really held one from close up or played with one. This one is totally my first.
She is a bit smaller than I expected but that's not too bad. I really liked the fact that she comes with a moon crescent. That's actually what decided me to get her in the first place. I totally love her blue color. She comes with a lot of pieces, she has 4 different set of hands, plus one hand to hold her baton. She has music sheet and a stand for them, a lantern and a little rabbit. Her rabbit is actually very similar in size and shape than the nendoroid Miku's rabbit. She also comes with two shape of dress so that she can stand and sit. She has a doll stand which  can be used for the figure or for the moon crescent and she also has three different facial expression really easy to change.
She is really super cute and I'm so happy to have this version. Her and the nendoroid version look really cute together.

I don't think I would ever get the dollfie dream doll but I would love to have this dress for my pullip Yuki Miku.

Here is the video.

And here are some pictures.

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