Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sample Doll Opening and Review: Fairy Beary Kiyomi (with video)

Welcome to a new sample doll post.
This time, I have the premium version of Kiyomi from the Fairy Beary series.
This mint ice cream version of Kiyomi is a re-coloration nea release of the doll from 2016. The original Kiyomi was very popular but it seemed that Groove ran out of material to make her in the same color so they decided to make a different color release. The original Kiyomi is now really hard and expensive to get. I personally don't have her in my collection. The only dolls I have in my collection are Isul Gosomi and this new Koyomi.

The fairy beary series is composed of five dolls Isul Gosomi Pullip, Kiyomi, Dal Dalcumi, Byul Secomi and of course this Premium Kiyomi mint ice cream version. They were released in 2014 so not too long before this new version. You can check my review of Isul Gosomi.

I like this version of Kiyomi because she is wearing mint and purple and I think that's a great combination. I have also a thing for doll wearing animal outfit like Gloomy, Paja or my set of rabbits.

Her Quote: Across the river of the Soda Pop…. Surpass a hill of Ice….There is my Cotton Candy Kingdom❤ Let’s play with Jewelry Bear….Feel Like So.

Here is the video

And here are some pictures

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