Thursday, February 23, 2017

Limited Lil'fairy Review: Little Maid Erunoe (with video)

Here is the second video of the series about the Limited Azone lil'fairies little maid that you could obtain from the lil' fairies book. Today it's Erunoe's turn. Erunoe of course has blue hair to match her blue eyes.
Actually, I decided I wanted this series when I saw her at the azoe store in a blue dress. She was too cute. They were a bit hard to find since they aren't available from the book anymore but I still managed to get the three of them as a pack.
I like Erunoe and I would love to have the last three versions of her that I'm still missing so I'm working on that. Hopefully, that will be doable.
She comes in a dark blue maid dress, a bit longer I think than the original maid dress for the first Erunoe and with her own broom to help clean the house.
Of course, I took some pictures of her in the blue dress that made me want her.

Here is the video
And here are some pictures.

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