Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Grail Doll Review: Another Alice pullip (with video)

Today、 I'm reviewing the most elusive Alice of all the Pullip Alice: Another Alice!
Another Alice is the Alice from the limited series Another Alice series. There is only 500 of her world wide even though she doesn't come with a "limited" certificate.
The Another Alice series has the particularity to have a special skin tone that was never released again. It's a darker brown color than pullip Nahh-Ato who has a more caramel-colored skin. The theme of the doll is Alice in Blue and Gold and she is wearing these colors from her head bow to her shoes.

The Another Alice series is composed of Another Alice, Another Queen, Another King, Another Soldier Rabbit and Another Clock Rabbit. Another Clock Rabbit is the only doll of the series with a lighter skin tone. So far Alice is the only doll I have in this series and that might be the only one I'll get because the other one are as difficult to find that she is.

Her quote: I was at a loss somewhere once again. Mysterious feeling I have looked at here or not… Such a feeling.

Here are some pictures.


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