Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Special Halloween Sample Doll Opening and Review: Isul Sith (with video)

Here is a new video for the Special Halloween series.
This time I'm introducing my little pumpkin Isul Sith. Isul Sith is part of a duo with Pullip Banshee which I don't have and they are dressed up for Halloween.
He comes with a very nice and colorful wig, a bit like the color that could be used for a scarecrow. He is dressed in orange and purple perfect for Halloween. He has a skull as a sort of pendent and a carved pumpkin hat that can lower on his face to make him a pumpkin mask.
He is really different from the other dolls I introduced during this Special Halloween series as he is not a creature of the night but instead, always ready to go trick or treating.

Here are some pictures


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