Thursday, October 27, 2016

Special Halloween Doll Review: Taeyang Valko (with video)

I realised that Valko was the only doll from the mansion of immortal I have who didn't have his own review video.
I got him some time ago when I was still only doing box opening pictures and photo session on facebook.
He is part of the mansion of Immortal with Pullip Wilhelmenia, Isul Vermelho and Dal Lyla. He is the werewolf of the group which is why he has those furry hair and fur on his back, a long tail and the scare on his nose. I wonder if he actually became a werewolf because of this scare.
His name Valko is derived from the Bulgarian вълк (valk) which means wolf.

This quote: I’m going to be strong under the white moon in the night…. See, here I am

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Dal: "Butterfly landing"
Taeyang: "Taeyang Gyro in Autumn"

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