Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 90

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.
He would have interrupted him earlier if he didn’t have to concentrate so much on carrying Sahel. He started to understand why Sahel was keeping him locked up in his medallion, he was so freaking annoying. He landed on the ground near the place where the protective barrier should have been. He was always defiant about it, the first time he had come here, the damn thing had rejected him meters away. It hadn’t been really painful but the humiliation of not able to get in, in front of Evalynn was a bit too much. Especially that they weren’t really steady at that time. Even now, he mostly had the feeling that he was the only steady one of the too. She was yelling at him so much.
“Why the hell are you stopping here?” the dark shadow said flying inside of the barrier without any problem.
Azazel wondered why the barrier had rejected him but were still letting something with such dark power entering, just looking at him you would have known that it was a threat, or maybe the barrier was completely broken since the demonic apparition in the morning.
“Because that thing they put around the house might reject me again,” Azazel said.
“Not if you are carrying Sahel and flying, that’s too many activities in your brain for your bad waves to be detected,” the shadow answered turning around in circle in the air.

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