Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 89

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.
Azazel stood up quickly, wondering how on earth this thing knew his name. This thing had more powers than he had even imagined. He didn’t say anything and just grabbed Sahel again. It was hard to carry him as he wasn’t making any efforts to help. The dark shadow wasn’t helping either. It was flying in circle around them, being more distracting than helpful and it was so talkative.
“She was doing Magick tonight, I don’t know how that turned out and I don’t know if it’s liked to the fact that she had been kidnapped, she might have open a link with the demon world without noticing it, that wouldn’t have been the first time. She has never been really good at Magick, I don’t even know why she is keep on doing it, I mean it’s really rare for human to be good at Magick and it takes them several life to learn. I had a discussion with Sahel before, saying that she shouldn’t do Magick anymore, I mean she had what she wanted, end of the story, they were no need to try to get something else, or more or whatever, but do you think they would have listen to me? Of course not, whoever listens to me anyway, it’s not like I’m palpable or anything. In that house people are having a lot of misconception about things and powers, I mean if you are not palpable there is a huge, huge, you can’t even imagine how huge discrimination against you. They think that because you don’t eat palpable food you don’t need to eat, I mean I need to eat like everyone else, but anyway where was I? Oh yes, her and the Magick. Sahel said she had agreed to stop but seriously I can’t believe it, she was doing Magick all the freaking time, probably every night, her entire body carried the smell of Magick around, she was smelling like Magick from kilometer away I could tell but of course Sahel wouldn’t notice, and he wouldn’t believe me when I told him, seriously, you would think we were really close but no, he was trusting her over me, it was always about her and him and she was lying but that wasn’t important for him. He took her to the Magick shop. She told him that she needed to do Magick even if they had agreed that she wouldn’t and he took her to the Magick shop, the one in the demon world can you imagine, a human in the demon world. She had gotten in trouble there before trying to party with demons but he took her anyway. Some people really don’t know where they belong…”
“We arrived”, Azazel said interrupting him.

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