Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday Taster 115: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.
 We start right where we left off last week.

I looked around for a weapon. I didn't even have a pepper spray. I totally should have got one. I took a deep breath and look in the mirror again. I looked like my mother. Not that it was a bad thing but somehow it unnerved me a bit because right this moment I was as worried for Amy and I than she probably was every time I fainted no matter what her reasons were.
"Wicked," I said out loud.
"I'll agree with that," Amy said her head passing through the door, "It's like you are a different person or something. Not that it's bad, I just didn't know what you were used to wear make up."
"I'm not really used to it, it's part of another life I supposed," I said.
"Oh, crazy high school party girl that you are trying to forget," Tamara said entering my room too.
"Something like that."
If only she knew. She was wearing a skirt even shorter than Amy's and heel's even higher and I thought that wouldn't even be possible. And she had a black tank top that barely hide her belly button.
"What could you have possibly been doing? Studying to death with a guy maybe..." she asked.
I didn't like her, there was something weird going on.
"I'm not sure this is a good idea..."
"You need new shoes," Amy said looking at my feet.
That for sure was what I had been wearing rescuing her, and no way I was getting out of those.
"Sorry I got nothing else," I said.
"Let's see if we can find you something," Amy was beaming with happiness.
First party as a student, I didn't get why that was so great. I sure knew the consequences, I could read them all over Alex's face.

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