Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday Taster 114: Parallel Slip

Hello and welcome to a new Thursday Taster, the day when awesome writers all over the blogosphere come together to give you tasty bits of their last fiction. You can find the list here.

 We start right where we left off last week.

"It felt safer to have a guy with us but he refused anyway," I said.
The other girl giggled.
"This is Tamara," Amy said, "from my class, she has a flat in the city center but that was a bother to go there and come back here to pick me up before going to the party so she'll change in my room, she knows where the party is at."
"Hi," I said.
I had checked the buses but I still wasn't sure about our exit. I was starting to be more and more nervous. It was one thing to face danger in my other selves body but in mine, I wasn't sure how much I would panic because technically if there was a possibility that I was changing universe because they were panicking. So it was good to have someone to get us there.
"We are meeting my friends at the club, it's more a bar than a club actually," Tamara said.
"That's great," I said.
"They are all second years student," Amy added as if it was the coolest thing on the planet and it might have been except that they were possibly all doing biology so there was no way for me to really get into any conversation with them.
"So what will you be wearing tonight?" Tamara asked and that took all of Amy attention and I was grateful for it. 
Not that I didn't like new people but I preferred to take them one at a time and I was curious why Tamara had so many second year friends. Amy seemed to have a talent to make friends, it was a lot easier for her than for me. I let them go to change and I tried to put on some make up and passed on a red shirt and a pair of jeans. I didn't remember how I was dressed on the day when I had to rescue Amy the first time so I was a little bit worried. You know if I could change the close and wear something different than the outcome might also be different. Who was I kidding? Something was about to happen and I couldn't tell anyone that I knew about it because well they would have some questions. That, I didn't want to answer and if I wasn't answering them they would think me paranoid and if I was answering them they would think me crazy. And maybe I was. I could have just pretended to be sick or something I could have let Amy go alone. Just I couldn't live with that. I mean I already saved her other self but that didn't mean that I didn't have to save her again. Would the red shirt do? I looked at myself in the mirror and jumped to see it it fit with my jeans. There was no full size mirror and I was not used to having just a small glance at myself. Maybe I should cut my hair. I wonder if that was the reason Michelle was a version of me with short hair. Military training sorta to be the captain of the ship, that might involve battles and danger and combat fighting which I obviously didn't have. Long hair could be grabbed and that was dangerous so pony tail or something less fluffy like, should I attached the hair in a bun? If I made it complicated enough, maybe Amy wouldn't kill be for it before we could even reached the party.

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