Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Doll Show 47 (with video)

The Doll Show 47 took place in Ikebukuro. Azone was presenting the future release for the excute family otogi no kuni, a new Eruno for Winter and The new Elene 50 cm. 
They were also selling Mio from the otogi no kuni excute as a doll show limited doll that I really wanted. So we went there very early to get the Mio doll first and then as usual, I took pictures of the rest of the dolls presented on the seller booth. 

There were a lot more people than usual this time around. I had a lot of fun taking all the pictures. The doll show covers all kind of dolls from fashion dolls to ball jointed dolls. The seller mostly sell clothes, goodies and furnitures but it's also possible to find some clothes. I could take some special pictures of the last pullip and dal release from the silver butterfly booth. 

I finished the event by talking with the groove manager (more on that in a video later)

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