Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Doll box Opening and Review: Sasha Cecil (with video)

I think my sasha kiki needed a friend. The think is I had almost given up on getting any of this cats because they are so much more expensive and hard to find in Japan. but curiously, the day I made the review of Kiki, this Cecil showed up at a decent price on my amazon wish list. I guess I got lucky. Now I have a wonderful cat couple.
If you haven't seen it yet check out sasha kiki's video.

There are 4 cats and four rabbits in this series. Seeing that Baron from the cat returns has a girlfriend, I think it's really nice that my kiki finally has a pretty girl around too. (The cat returns)
Maybe some day I'll be able to get the other cat, or a rabbit.

The background pictures in this videos are from my trip to Versailles. I went there on a muddy and cloudy day so they are a bit gray. You can find more info about this trip (and others) in the travel section of this blog.

The music at the end of the video is "Pavane for a dead princess" from Maurice Ravel, played by Luis Sarro. It comes from musopen.org and is licences creative common and public domain.


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