Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sample doll opening and review: The twins part 2: Callie (with video)

This blog has been divided into two parts because I'm opening last last pullip twin girls, Cassie and Callie.
In part 2, I'm opening Callie and you can find the video about Cassie here, and in the previous blog post.
Callie is the twin dressed in pink. The twins both have the exact same face up except for the colour of their lips which is slightly more pink in Callie's case and for that reason I think I prefer Callie's face up. Depending on the lighting, I also think that Callie has a slightly lighter skin tone and lighter cheeks but that might just be my imagination because that really changes with the light they are on.
Callie's outfit is composed of a pink hat with little white flowers, a lace jacked, a pink dress with short sleeves white collar and a brown bow with a bead at the front, white lace socks and  white shoes with pink bows. She also comes with a barrette and a bag, with a chain and a little Eiffel tower key-chain, which isn't really a bag but more a teddy bear head that can be worn at her side.

The twins are a collaboration with Happy Memento which is also the creator of the famous Isul Glen.

Pullip quote: On a lovely day in spring…. I put on my be loved dress, wear little makeup…. Then grab my bag and go shopping with my sister…. We love to sit around and have some cakes at a cafe….. Ah! So Happy❤…..Feel Like So.

Here is the video
And here are some pictures. 

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