Monday, August 22, 2016

Sample doll Opening and Review: Taeyang Akira destinée de la rose (with video)

It has been a while since I opened a Taeyang. This time, I'm opening Taeyang Akira Destinée de la rose. I don't think this Teayang has any counter part dolls. He is a collaboration doll with Baby the star shine bright which is a branch from Alice and the Pirates.
He is wearing an amazing white outfit that gave him a really prince charming air. He also has a particular face up with dark eye shadow that extend to the side of his face as well as orange blush on the side instead of the usual cheekbones blush which gives him a more elongated looking face than the average Taeyang doll. He also has a specific black dot below his left eye which is very unique and particular and reminded me of the beauty standards in the past when women were putting a black dot on one of their cheeks.

I decided to take him outside for the photo session because today was a nice day and with the typhoon over Japan I'm not sure how long that will last. I also took Alura with him after dressing her with the outfit from excute otogi no kuni little briar. I think that outfit suits her really well and it's really different than what she is usually wearing. I'm also glad that my azone dolls and pullip can exchange clothes even if the top is a little bit too tight and can't close completely over Alura's breasts. I think Alura looks nice as Akira's princess. What do you guys thing? Do you prefer her as a princess of as a witch?

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