Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sample doll Opening and Review: Dal Sentimental Noon (with video)

I open the bag of Dal Sentimental Noon. She is part of the Snow White series with Pullip Midnight Velvet, Isul Midnight déjà-vu and Taeyang Twilight Destiny and of course Snow White which unfortunately is the only doll in this series that I don't have yet.

Sentimental Noon is a sort of Buffoon for the king. She comes all dressed in white and red with a horned hat, a clown mask and some puppets. Like a lot of dolls she had strips tights but she also has red pompoms on her hat and on her shoes. She is quite an interesting character.

I really like the take Groove took on this Snow White Fairy tale. Instead of the usual seven dwarfs and hunters, we have instead the midnight characters representing the darkness, Sentimental Noon which is more of a day type characters, funny and lively and of course the Twilight Prince in between light and darkness.

Her quote is: There is nothing as sad as this. I’m sure a person who will save the girl who looks like she’s sleeping, will surely come!!!

And if you're wondering where the song at the start of the video comes from, I just made it up this morning.

I have quite a lot of pictures from today's photo session, please find them on my face book page: Doll and Amigurumi

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