Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sample doll bag opening: Isul Gosomi (with video)

It's time to start again opening sample doll bags, I still have my little Vermelho vampire to open from the first sale as, the nineteen dolls I hadn't opened from last week and the new fifteen from last Sunday. Even at one a day which I probably won't manage, that would last more than a month, I think that's very exciting!

So I had to pick one doll and I gave up on opening them in order because I want to create something special for Vermelho's video and I wasn't feeling up to it yesterday night. So they are going to be open probably by series but especially following my mood and who I want to open on a day to day basis.
I'm still feeling under the weather, I decided to open my little teddy bear, the beary fairy Isul Gosomi, because he is so cuddly and perfect for a sick day.
Isul Gosomi is a doll from 2014 and seeing how popular he is, I wold have thought he came a few years earlier. He is part of the Beary Fairy series with pullip Kiyomi and the newly released Premium Kiyomi mint version, Dal Dalcomi and Byul Secomi.
He is my first doll in this series. I didn't know if I wanted it because Pullip Kiyomi original version is going to be really hard to find. But he is too cute to resist. On the other hand, I'm also trying to get all the Isuls and therefore I really needed him for that purpose too.
What I really like about him except for his bear outfit, is that he has glittery purple eyes and purple is my favorite color. Ah!
Here is the bag opening video
And here are some picturestaken quickly last night.


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