Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pullip doll: Naoko (with video)

Time for another box opening video. I think I'll just post this blog posts when I can because the uploading is going really bad at the moment so I can't seem to stay on schedule. I'm still taking one video a day though. 
Today's doll (probably yesterday as this is published) is the pullip Naoko. I wanted this doll from the first time I saw her picture when she was announced and even more when I saw her at the store. It took me a bit of time but she is finally her. She is a collaboration between groove and Sheryl's design, my favorite pullip designer. She came out at the same time as her boyfriend the Taeyang Koichi which will be the main character in the next box opening video. 
I'm glad to have all three collaboration doll between groove and Sheryl's design, I think they are very original compared with the usual dolls around especially due to their fashionable outfit and the extremely sophisticated face up. 
Here is the video
And here are some pictures.


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