Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pullip doll: Alice du Jardin pink ver. (with video)

Just another Alice for my ever growing Alice in Wonderland Pullip collection. This one is Alice du Jardin, the Pink version.
There are six dolls in the Du Jardin series I only want five of them because as usual I'm not interested in Byul. I have four as of yesterday.
There are two Alices in the Du Jardin series: The pink version and the mint version. They are both Pullip so can pass for twins.  So far, I only have the pink version. I won her on yahoo auction with the rabbit du jardin. She will be joining the mad hatter and the chenille du jardin to work on completing this series. 
Here is the video of the box opening

And here are some pictures post box opening.

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