Saturday, May 14, 2016

Azone dolls: Hello Kikipop Romantic Sugar Frill

Hello and welcome to a new doll post. Today I'm going to introduce my two new kikipop who arrived only a couple of weeks ago. They are the kikis: Caramel Brown and Milky Blond from the second series of Hello Kikipop by Azone. 
At first, I didn't want the second series and was waiting for the third to come out but I changed my mind recently and got them both (I still don't have the third series but I probably will soon.) 
The kikis in this series are a bit more expensive that the others probably because they have an extra dress, jewelry, and two hair ornaments. As usual, they come with extra hands. 
Here are some pictures of their arrivals. 
Caramel Brown came first. She was the one I wanted the most because there is one at the azone store with a purple dress and breaded hair that just looks too adorable.

Here are Caramel Brown and Honey Pink.
Here is Caramel Brown and Marmalade Brown who is wearing the purple dress I talked about earlier. I will need something to attach Caramel's hair to make her look like at the store.
And here are my three girls waiting for Milky Blond to arrive.
Milky Blond arrived a few days later. She is basically the same as Caramel Brown, just with a different color. All the Kikipop have the same face up so far. Azone dolls tend to have the same face up only with different eye color and different mouth shape painted. As the Kiki have a sculpted mouth, it can't be changed. The cheeks of the Romantic Sugar Frill dolls seems to be slightly pinker but that might be just me over thinking it.
Here are my two romantic girls together. Kiki comes with an extra set of hands so you can have them opened or as a fist.
And here are all of my girls. I hope to get the third series: Sunny Bunny date, soon and I also hope a fourth series will be announce at the next doll show. Kikipop dolls are just way too adorable to pass on. They are also very easy to carry around for photo session, easy to dress and to knit for. The only wish I could have would be for them to be able to sit down a bit better.
Next Saturday, I'll show you pictures of my Romantic girls in their other outfit.

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