Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 58

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

She arrived in the living room, two of her little siblings were hiding behind the sofa and a third one was up in the air, held by an invisible force, crying, asking to be let go.
“We just wanted to watch the early cartoon before going to school”, one of them muttered softly as she entered the room.
Two little green creatures were here, they seemed to have gotten in through the chimney as ashes were scattered all around on the floor.
She came forward solemnly.
“Let him go”, she said.
The green creatures didn’t move an inch, they didn’t even bother to look at her.
“I said, let him go”, she repeated patiently but still feeling the power rising in her and piercing in her voice.
One of the green creatures turned his ugly deformed head towards her and smiled showing three rows of yellow teeth.
“Say please”, he answered pulling the little kid higher in the air.
Brownie made a move with her right hand as to sweep him away and he was swept away, the little kid felt on the sofa and ran to hide behind it with the others. Brownie looked at her hands amazed, telekinesis, that was a power she away wanted to have, it would have been so awesome to be able to get yourself a pen on your desk while sitting on your bed or to be able to pull on the curtains to remove that little annoying space of light in the corner by just moving your hand without needing to actually get up and tidy it yourself. She always found little things of life of a great annoyance. She smiled looking at her hand again, now, it seemed to be over.
The little creature got back up on his feet, it wasn’t fast, it walked toward her hobbling, it seemed to be angry. It wasn’t the first time she was seeing creatures like him, one had come in the house the same way before, looking for Sahel, giving him the paper for this power rising tests in the Demon World. At that time it had scared her, she had wanted to do anything to prevent him from going to the demon World, but that wasn’t possible, he was a demon, the demon world was where he belonged and it seemed that there was no way for him to escape. At that time that had worked on a spell to make sure that nothing from the demon world was to enter the house without invitation ever again, apparently, the protection wasn’t effective anymore.
“That was unnecessary, you could have just say please and been courteous”, the little creature said.
“You were the one lacking courtesy by entering someone else’s house without invitation and attacking us”, she answered, she wasn’t angry, she was just annoyed. Those two probably had a message for Sahel again and everything official in the demon world was coming from watcher and watcher was a synonym for danger.
“I was just playing with the little one, I’m sure he enjoyed the game very much”, he said.
He was looking at his companion from time to time instead of concentrating all its attention on her. It was unusual. Brownie wondered if they were communicating something else to each other, something that only their kind could understand. She was also wondering why there were two of them, if it was for a message only, one would have been enough.
“Go get Viorel and Gydeon”, she said to the little one still hiding behind the sofa but who seemed to be willing to try a run for the door. Being it a room with those green creatures wasn’t very pleasing.
“But…” one of them started plaintively. They were still too scared to move.
“Now”, Brownie said with a ton of voice that didn’t really let any space for anyone to disagree.

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