Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 57

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

Brownie woke up in the circle trembling, the fire had run out in the chimney and the candles of the circle and the spell candles had also run out. It was the first time she was staying in the circle long enough to completely burned the candles out. Generally she would turned them of as her concentration vanished to release the energy power of her spell, even though it was hugely said that burning them out was a better way to keep the energy concentrated on a purpose as blowing the candle risked of scattering it. I was dark in the room even though the sun had probably risen by now. There was no windows in the room, only two wooden doors. She estimated that she had been here for more than eight hours. Sahel also hadn’t come back home otherwise he would have awakened her. Her mind felt really sharp, now the same has waking up in the morning or your afternoon nap when everything you really wanted was to go back to bed. She was feeling powerful. She looked at the glass which had fallen on the floor near her. That’s when she started remembering, who she was and what she had done the evening before. She had travelled to her past lives and to her future lives, she had opened the doors of destinies and realized her own powers and her own limitation. There was nothing to be done right now, what was supposed to happen would happen, just in time. She smiled at her renewed confidence. She stood up and walked out of the room without even bothering to tidy her stuff as she would normally cautiously do, she felt herself like never before. She felt the power of her past knowledge running in her veins, she had opened the book of knowledge she had earn before with blood and sweat and death. She was holding herself to the walls and shelves in the library as she was more dancing than walking. She felt the sunlight fall on her face as if it was the first time and smiled. Everything was connected, she could feel the universe and everything around her, connected to the universe around her, linked to the higher purpose and destiny. She remembered feeling that before, long time ago when she was her but different, she was younger, she was a witch and it was forbidden to be a witch and she had been betrayed. She had been the only one drinking on that day, they were supposed to be drinking together but the other didn’t, they were too scared and so they escaped. They escaped the red iron on the soft skin of their feet, they escaped it in their mouth, they wanted to burn the devil out of her, those men, those ignorant and foolish men praying for an invisible and deaf god who would never answered them no matter what because they were missing the point, they were missing the fact that they had created their god and their stories were all man-made they were missing the fact that nature had created them in its beautiful cycle of life and death and they were trying to remove Nature from her body by torturing her flesh when her spirit was already long gone for a higher sense of self. And know she was laughing because she was back, because she was exactly where she was supposed to be despite their foolishness, she was who she had seen herself become back then, and tonight, she had accomplished the circle. The energy of the universe was burning inside of her as thoughts from her past lives where still bursting in her mind, all those questions for so long unanswered pairing with their counterpart solutions. She walked in the corridor and wanted to go back to her room and it was already too late, she heard an acute cry coming from downstairs, from the living room.
“They didn’t even let me any time to change”, she said looking at herself while rushing down.
She was wearing her ritual clothes, looking more like a witch than ever, at least they were not going to confuse her with someone else.

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