Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 56

Welcome to a new part Demon World unedited. We start right where we left of last time.

“Stop where you are and listen until the end”, the demon on the left said solemnly.
“You see, I’m tired and bored, how so bored, you guys are so boring. First you tell us a bed time story, then you let us play and them what, you tell us nonsense thinking that we are going to by it and get out of here to fight again and for you on the top of it, tss tss tss, I wonder if your horns didn’t grow inside and smashed your brain in the process”, Yue continued.
He was still walking toward them, slightly to the left, to the door they had been coming from.
“It was the only way to awake your powers, it is said that the powers of the god will arise during the holy war”, the demon in the middle answered.
“You don’t have to justify our actions, our actions are almighty and have been decided long ago, the process needs to be followed to the details”, the one on his left answered pressing on his glasses looking at Yue as if he wanted to impress what his was seeing in his memory for ever, the kind of “I’ll never forget about you, you can’t hide threat”. But Yue couldn’t really care less, if those demons were as strong as their horns were letting supposed, they wouldn’t have needed to lock them in a room to kill them, they would have just killed them one by one as they arrived. And the one in the middle especially was talking a bit too much for a guy in position of powers.
“I’m not interested, and I’m sure there are a lot of them who are not interested either, you see it is basic psychology, ever heard about Abraham Maslow’s pyramid, I would bet not so I’ll explain, first make people comfortable, then gives them ideas for higher inspiration, not the other way around,” he said.
They were all looking at him without saying anything, he could see that the three were slowly getting angry. It was easy to make a demon angry, anger was a powerful emotion, it was one difficult to control but by destroying the source of your anger. But anger was for the weak, anger was for those without solutions, anger was making you make mistake, controlling you without letting you think. It was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to reduce them to angry beast, to take the higher control of the situation. He too could have a use for a demonic army, he needed to find the witch, no matter what, he could use what they did today against them. First making them look weaker than they were, possibly even getting rid of them, then giving the other demons what they wanted, then pushing the little seed of idea inside of their mind, it was easy, the witch could possibly give them everything they wanted after all. He felt like Dorothy looking for the great wizard of Oz and bringing with her everyone she met on her way. Except that all the witch was to give to them was death, the same sort of death she had given him and all he would give her was death, a slow and painful death. “So I’m out of here, I need a shower and some food”, he said trying not to reveal his train of thoughts.
The third demon started to clap.
“Interesting, very very interesting but I don’t think that you’ll get out of this room unless I let you”, he said.
This was the moment Yue had waited, he was going to fight one of them, to show to the others on the ground with him that it was possible.
The demon was walking toward him, black fire burst were forming around Yue’s hand.
“Bring it on, bring it on”, he was thinking waiting the right moment to attack.
The demon arrived really close to him, as if he didn’t even fear the fire coming out of Yue, Yue was surprised and undecided, he was still waiting, afraid of making a falls move. The demon was tall, a lot taller them him, he bent over him slowly.
“You don’t want to do that, you want to stay quiet and listen and do everything we will tell you, we have your witch”, he said before turning around and walking back to sit on his throne.
Yue’s fire disappeared, he was looking at the three demons, then at the door on their left side, not knowing what option to choose. He could have just waited and done what they asked or run for the door and go find the witch himself. She seemed so close now. It was as if something impossible had finally happened. He didn’t know what to do anymore. He could have also been lying. Why would they need the witch for if they wanted him dead? He went back in his initial corner, away from the others. The three were smirking now, feeling empowered. His head was spinning. He took one of the pills in his pocket and swallowed it.

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