Monday, January 4, 2016

Pullip doll: Taeyang Wayne

I received my Taeyang Wayne in last September. He is a doll really hard to find. I have seen him on sale only once and that's when I grab him without hesitation which is huge for me because I tend to hesitate until it's too late. I just really wanted him. He was the first Taeyang I had my eyes on but everyone around was telling how impossible I had to get that I had almost given up on him. He was just on my amazon wish list with "unavailable" written next to him until one finally appeared. Seriously, last September was a really lucky month doll-wise and I hope I'll have a lot of months as lucky in the future. 
Since I had a lot of doll to introduce at that time and that I only upload one photo session a week on this blog, I'm adding not only the pictures of the box opening but also the out door photo session I did at the children park next door.

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