Saturday, January 2, 2016

Azone doll: New Year Lucky Bags.

I went to my first ever lucky bag event in Japan. After so many year, that's a wonder I didn't try before.
I know that the Lucky bags on New Year's day are typically Japanese so let me explain how it works. Every store, that want to participate, offers a bag with random goods from their stock for a fixed price, the customers line up and get one each. No crazy black Friday rush, it's first come first serve and every one is nicely queuing. The Azone store in Akihabara was offering several types of Lucky Bags. All were interesting but I settled on a pullip bag and my boyfriend took a pullip bag for me too.
So I ended up with two Lucky bags and The New Year LilFairy Lipu. Azone also has New Years dolls every years. I'm waiting for the special doll show even though the other version of Alisa was on sale yesterday. Can't get them all, even if I want to.

First, we queued outside until 10am, it was a bit cold but luckily not so much. Then we went up through the building and queued on the outside stairs from the seventh floor to be able to enter the Azone store. There were a lot of people, not as many as I first expected but we were really early. The event was from 10am to 11am, then the store was doing event plus normal opening.  
I decided to get pullip bags, one by myself and one that my boyfriend would get for me. I had a bit of problem with the semi transparency of the bag, because I could see the dolls without really see them. So my brain went on, the I can choose so I can make sure I have a good one that's not already at home rampage. My boyfriend didn't even register the drama going on, he took his bag and run to queue for paying. I hesitated a lot but finally got something really quick. Then we analyzed that I had none of the dolls and that my boyfriend got one of the doll on my wish list and one that I considered adding to my wish list and I had two totally random dolls which I might not have thought about. I think that was a good thing to get them because they are totally awesome. 

Here are some pictures:
First the Classical Queen, which makes only Alice Sepia and The Classical White Rabbit missing from the Classical Alice series. 
Then Taeyang Twilight Destiny. He is the prince of the Snow White series. I don't have Snow White but I have the evil god mother both versions.
And my boyfriend got me the Rozen Maiden Keikujyaku who was on my wish list.
And the Isul Fairy Lumiere. I was always hesitant about putting him on my wish list because for me Isul is always a boy and the Fairy Godmother of Cinderella is supposed to be a woman but he still looks really amazing.
And to finish, of course my new lil'fairy. Happy New Year Lipu. She is my only Lil'Fairy maid as my other Lil'Fairies are from the second generation.

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