Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday Snippet: Demon World 50

Welcome to Demon World unedited.I wonder what it is like not only to be a powerful creature but to have even more power than you are supposed to have. It sounds a bit scary for your sanity.
He remembered when his own powers had awaked. He was running in the cold snow of the North of Norway. His parents were hiding in the human world, very far away from any population, they couldn’t be caught, they couldn’t let the hunters find them because it would have meant sure death for him and his younger brothers Torsti and Lonan, for some reasons he ignored at that time, they were supposed to be special, not like the other kids around. He barely remembered other kids though, all he ever knew what his family and the tales his parents had been telling about the outside world. He was alone, running in the snow, naked. He loved the cold, he love the feeling of the wind on his wet skin. He was about as old as Lonan at that time. He was running after a white wolf. His parents had told him not to play outside with the wolf during the day, he was supposed to stay in his room and study. They were making him read history books about great people like Julius Caesar or Genghis Khan, but he was so bored and tired of reading, he wanted to play, he was never allowed to play, he needed to get rid of that tremendous energy burning inside of him. He was running and falling in the pure glittering white snow and laughing when suddenly he had heard a voice. It was the beautiful voice of a woman singing a song that he didn’t understand. He stopped laughing and running and listen. He walked toward the voice, to the river, it was partially frozen by the heavy snow which had fallen that night but she was there. She also was naked and bathing herself in the glacial frozen water, under the small waterfall and singing. Odeon hide behind a bush to watcher. It was the first time he remembered seeing a woman which wasn’t in a book or his mother. She was singing softly. He hide without a noise, sitting in the snow knowing that being seen by other people was very dangerous but still unable to run away from her song. Suddenly, the song stop and she was just in front of him, her face so closed to his that he startled and almost jumped away but she yelled. Her cry was high and strong and tearing his tympans apart. Her cry was the last thing he hurt before fainting. When he woke up it was night already, he could hear the voice of his parents calling for him. He called for them. When they finally reached him, his mum took him in a warm blanket she had knitted herself. She and his father had horrified look on their face.
“Did you meet someone?” his father asked.
“There was someone taking a bath in the river”, he said feebly barely recognizing his own voice.

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