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Vampire Friday: Vampire Heart 49

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Summary of the previous episodes: Viorel has been tortured by his supposed family who wanted to have him burn in the sun. Strangely enough the sun didn't burn him as expected but Viorel has no memory of who he is. Following the advices of his supposed father, he left Sighișoara and is now traveling to the West. After some skirmish in a previous city, he found refuge on a boat. Viorel is now in Vienna. The little problem is that the guy at the inn was a bit of an asshole and helped capture Viorel thinking he was a vampire, which he is but nobody needs to know. Now there is a huge man (which I call the colossi) taking care of Viorel and a priest. They brought a girl. Torture my holy water... Fail. Viorel managed to confuse everyone, now he would like to get out of here. But the girl seems pretty useless. They still managed to escape and he left the girl to the care of the boat lady before going back to have two words with his captors but his power of persuasion were failing him. The priest wanted to crack a deal but Viorel is not really up to help his enemies. He finally got some blood but he can't risk to stay in Vienna. He travel to Linz were he stays a bit to learn German.
Viorel wanted to go to Praha but redirect himself toward Augsburg instead where he wants to get a horse, except that the horses are a bit scared of his vampirism and maybe something else. Viorel is really not a horse expert. Then he comes into an altercation with couple of people, he wants some fear in his blood. The girl Viorel has found seemed to enjoy the game. Viorel prepares for the nightmares that come with a feast of blood, in a rush to leave, he cross the dukedom of Lorrain.
We introduced Sorina, three weeks after the beginning of Viorel's escape.  

Now, let's continue with Vampire Heart, right where we left of last week.

“Is she ready?” he asked.
The women didn’t answer, but they started to rub her more energetically. It seemed to be sufficient as she could hear his steps going away. She listen until she couldn’t hear him anymore and listen a bit more before breathing normally again. She could feel all the muscles in her body tense, she didn’t know if they ever felt different, she had trouble to remember but she knew that when he was around it was getting worse.
She was taken out of the bathtub and dried with perfumed towel. The more time past the more she felt like letting go and relax. The scent of lavender was helping. Viorel’s clothes were also perfumed with lavender. That was reminding her of him and the idea that smell was going to stay a little bit with her was helping her find her inner strength back. They dressed her with a simple white dress.
“It’s a great day for you”, one of them said. For a second she thought that they were going to release her but that seemed really improbable. She thought about seeing the sun again. In every room where she had been there was no window, only coldness and darkness. She wanted to feel the light warmth of the sun on her skin, the green trees outside and the flowers. She didn’t like the night. It was too dark, too grey, and too empty.
“But don’t think you will ever be one of us, you will forever remain worthless blood”, the other one said.
Sorina was stroked with horror. They couldn’t, even if they wanted she wouldn’t let them, she wouldn’t drink. Her life was something else. She was his ray of sunshine how could she be his sunshine if she became like them, as cold as ice. She feared that her heart would be frozen and her memory gone with her blood. People didn’t have much blood, once it was gone, it was forever. She started to walk back away from the women who were trying to comb her hair but she couldn’t fight back, she was too weak and they would have been stronger than her anyway. She only had few chunk of bread to eat a day. They were furtively thrown through the hole in the door during day time. She had called her benefactor a lot but he never answered. They pulled on her hair laughing and she crawled in pain taking her usual protective position. They finished their job and the old servant came to take her back. He was a human, one of the one who had disappeared in the castle long before she was born and stories about his fate had been told to make sure that the children wouldn’t go play near the castle. Once she had tried to gain him to her cause, to have him released her as he had the heavy keys of all doors hanging at his belt. But that only resulted on him beating her harder. His mind had been lost long ago in the darkness of the castle. But once again she tried. She had nothing to lose anymore. Her body was painful at each step. She pleaded, she talk to him about the sun about the grass about the flowers and the butterflies about the animals in the forest and the light shimmering in the river. She tried to reach the feelings buried inside his heart but it was as dry as the heart of his master. He dragged her in a room enlightened by candles and made her sit in the middle. The vampires were sitting around the room in a half circle. Only the men, the women had been kept out of the ceremony.

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