Monday, December 7, 2015

Pullip doll: Taeyang Valko

Werewolf in the wood!
I wanted to go hiking to take my Taeyang Valko with me in the mountain but there was a chance of plan so instead he can with all the azone girls (Koron, Amane and the lil'fairy) to the park with me. I really wanted him and I was so lucky to get him at the doll show 44.
I love that he can stand by himself on uneven ground because of his super boots. He has really cool hair and wolf ears that you can adjust. He looks sort of classy with a red shirt and black trousers and that sort of tie. He has a wolf tail that is actually attached to his coat from his shoulders so you can sort of "unwolf" him. I guess I'll have to add some "unwolf" pictures later. And he also has an awesome face up with the scratch marks on his nose. I think he is a pretty cool werewolf.

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