Saturday, October 10, 2015

Azone doll: Lil'Fairy at the park

I think I should maybe make an official lil'fairy album on the facebook page as I have tons of pictures scattered everywhere. Anyway, when I went to the park, I didn't take too many pictures of my lil'fairies as the main purpose of the trip was to take pictures of Taeyang Valko, which you will see later on on the blog or you can go look for them on the facebook page Valko album. And they I got carried away with Koron and Amane. I guess I'll need a special lil'Fairies trip later. I feel it's a bit more difficult to take pictures of them now that I have four because I want to treat them all equally so I always have to bring them all. Maybe I should reconsider that too. anyway it was still fun. They can hide in so many place because of their small size.

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