Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Cinema: Insurgent

Last week I talked about divergent so this week I'm going to talk about part 2: Insurgent. (Part 3 will come when the movie is out next year!)

Story: Tris, Tobias and a bunch of other people managed to escape from the Erudite compound and get to Amity for safety but after a while, Jeanine comes back looking for them. She is trying to open a box she stole from Abnegation and needs a divergent to do that, forcing Tris and Tobias to take their weapon again to save the city.

My Feelings: That the hell is that box? It's nowhere in the book but wait before that, what the hell is that machine that reads if a person is divergent or not and gives a percentage of divergence just by pointing at people, really? That makes no sense. I think they went a bit overboard in the technology section an totally skipped over the political aspect of the book. It wasn't really bad but it wasn't to good either and that was a bit frustrating. 


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