Monday, August 31, 2015

Pullip doll: Dal Vocaloid Kagamine Len

This week's pullip doll is a dal as we continue with the vocaloids. There are two dal Kagamine, the twins Rin and Len. (The real story is that they are sharing one soul and that they are not siblings but I think it's just easier to call them twins as they look so similar.)
This week I'm introducing Len and next week I will present Rin. Len arrived at the same time as Meiko in the same box. Len is the crazy boy with the spiky hair and my only male dal. I think it would have been nice to have him as an isul but he would have been a bit taller than Rin so I guess it works with a dal too. He is also really cute.

The little prisoner! 
I told you he arrived with Meiko. ;) It's like they are looking away from each other.
 Here he is out of the box. His hair are attached as a spike on the top front it's kinds of funny looking. I somehow want to remove the rubber band and somehow I'm scared to ruin the spikiness.
 It was totally covered in plastic and it took me for ever to remove it all from the arms, legs and body.
 Looking good.
With the headphones and keyboard on.
 Better view of the keyboard
 Close up. I think he has a really sweet face, not as putty as the dals generally are.
 Meeting with Meiko out of the box
 with Meiko and Kaito
 Let's dance. I don't know why but it's really easy to have him take crazy position even attached to a doll stand. Maybe I'm getting better at it.
I totally love his outfit, I think the white black yellow suit him really well.
See you! And don't miss Rin's blog post next Monday. ;)

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